Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You Should Vote Republican if You Believe the Following:

  1. We should all be proud of going to war in Iraq on the basis of lies and distortion.

  2. We should not worry a second about the skyrocketing national debt, which is greater than all the national debts combined since the U.S. was founded 232 years ago.

  3. The best reason for having children in the U.S.A. now is because they can be saddled with paying off the bill (our national debt) that Republican hero George Bush has gifted us with.

  4. You should demand that Bush speak at your convention so he can glibly explain how he achieved this monumental debt.

  1. If you enjoy watching wars on TV -- pleased consider that Iran may be next on the busy Republican war agenda.

  2. If you want to avoid socialism vote Republican. Bush tried valiantly to privatize Social Security to give Wall Street a break. Maybe McCain will be lucky as Wall Street investors lead the way.

  3. If you would like to help China, India, the Philippines or even Bangladesh we could go right on transferring our jobs overseas. This could advance stock market revenue because labor costs are cheaper overseas, without all that environmental and safety silliness.

These are the seven lucky reasons to be a family values Republican voter this time around. We must also add that you'll get a woman vice-president thrown in, a really tough babe, a hunter who appreciates a good family moose meal, especially one she killed and cooked!


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