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Illegals: One Person's Opinion
An e-mail from a friend

Interesting that you bring up the topic of the illegal aliens and their extraordinarily multifaceted impact upon us, as well as your getting 'dissed' for speaking of a Mexican alien encounter in any manner. The negative feedback situation that you ran into just by making a casual rather neutral reporting reference to an alien interaction is not at all unusual. This thing of giving the 200% benefit of the doubt to an illegal alien with obvious social graces issues just has to stop and stop right now. As US law breakers, we owe them zero. If you feel that I am prejudiced because I lived elbow to elbow with swarms of illegal aliens and had my own series of substantially less than positive encounters with them wherever I turned, then so be it. I found their collective least common moral and social denominator driven wolf pack activity mentality to be quite disturbing. I once found myself in a rather tenuous position directly witnessing one of the local Mexican alien wolf packs harassing a young Caucasian woman at a local convenience store and there was not much that I could do about it because they out numbered me 6 to 1. That was really pretty unnerving for me. My only option was to call 911 and I did not like that at all.

Personally, I believe that your reaction to typically uncouth and rather rude personal behavior of the non English speaking roofer was totally understated and about as middle of the road and neutrally nice as you could be. There was absolutely no reason there for anyone to take offense at your statement, however that particular illegal Mexican alien supporting behavior just seems to be par for the course today. For me, I get absolutely seethingly incensed whenever someone starts a sentence with, "Well, you know that we cannot round them up and deport them, . . . " Candidly, I have absolutely no idea why we in the US cannot do exactly that. Why in holy hell should we have to foot the social bill for decades and decades of total government despotic corruption and associated government condoned crime in Mexico that has forced the native Mexicans out. The government of Mexico has made their legacy of government graft and corruption our problem (totally in spades).

And for me, the very first tip off for finding the illegals here is to look for packs of Spanish speaking folks with brown skin, brown eyes, and in many cases seriously bad oral hygiene. Another clue is that in a lot of instances this particular target group doesn't have any appropriate legal immigration status indicating documentation. Surprise, surprise, surprise. For openers as a solution, whenever an illegal crosses paths with any aspect of our US law enforcement or US social services (via domestic disturbance, traffic accident, traffic law infraction, applications for services, etc.) and they cannot document their legal existence here then lock them up and deport them.

It would also be prudent for our prison system to deport back to Mexican custody all of the illegals currently incarcerated. That would supposedly free up a minimum of 35% of our overall prison system capacity. Then, why not have the US government set up a special deal with Aero Mexico after which we can do a wholesale round up, deportation, and dump of each and every illegal Mexican alien on a remote airfield on the way southern border of Mexico? Then let's see then how many illegals can make the entire pan Mexican cross country trip in order to reenter the US illegally again. Maybe those that can figure out how make it again can be allowed to stay as they are really some pretty seriously stout folks.

Additionally, the porous border problem could be fixed in several months at minimal expense by establishing a series of tall, armored, and secure guard towers along the border and populating the towers with round the clock border guards armed with night vision equipped .50 caliber sniper type of weapons and instructions of shoot to kill at the border line. That is a 100% clean, relatively inexpensive, and totally workable solution. Overnight you would find that our borders would be secure and that they would stay that way for the duration. With numerous people coming across our southern border seemingly wishing to do us in, the use of deadly force to guard our border only makes good sense. As an additional benefit, this armed border guard approach would also immediately stem the entire flow of illegal drugs from over the border. As you might notice, I am not in the the moderate or the liberal camp of what to do with all of the illegals.

And then while we are at it, I believe that we should rescind the 14th Amendment to the Constitution which allows the illegals to come over pregnant and drop their 'anchor' babies. That Amendment was originally designed to give bona fide unquestionable citizenship status to the children of emancipated black slaves. It was not designed to provide a safe haven for Mexican criminals.

So, those are my off the top of the head seriously proposed solutions to the illegal alien problem and my suggestions to stem the tide of the additional flow of illegals. Given the widening stress fractures that I see developing throughout our entire societal economic and social fabric, we are in truly deep shit already and it is time for quite serious measures to bring us back to just a moderate social and economic loss position as a country. Otherwise, my sincere fear is that we are headed toward some type of a general uprising and eventual revolution. Not cool, but perhaps necessary. Really big sigh here.

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