Friday, July 13, 2007

Strange Bedfellows by Cindy Sheehan

Since I announced my challenge to Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi a few days ago, I have been very thrilled
that issues like impeachment and the inherent
corruption of the “two” party system have been brought
to the forefront of public discourse. Every interview
that I have done has given me the opportunity to throw
the impeachment issue out there. The democratic
blogosphere has predictably lined up against me and
must be very frightened because they are repeating the
scandalous lies of the right. Wow, the right and left
are finding common ground over slandering me. I must
be a uniter.

I received an email from David Swanson from yesterday saying that ADS was
in trouble because the blogs were trashing us for
targeting John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi. My question
for these bloggers is whom should we target? Should we
go after House Minority Leader John Boehner? Repugs
are literally like rats jumping off the sinking ship
of state and they are distancing themselves from
George and Dick faster than the Democrats. With the
mood of the country, we know this is not a moral
position but a politically expedient one. Why can’t we
urge the Democrats to a moral position? Because they
have been elected with a (D) they become one of the

Instead of trashing David Swanson and I for wanting
our leadership to do their jobs why can’t the left
join with us and be concerned with the people who are
being killed, maimed and displaced on a daily basis
and not worry about Dems being held to the same
standards that we have been trying to hold the Repugs
to? David has a baby boy named Wesley that deserveds a
better future. There are millions of children in Iraq
that deserve a better future. There are over 600
American troops that have been killed since the Dems
took over the power structure in DC and did nothing to
stop George’s murderous surge. When the Repugs were in
power we targeted them. Now the Dems are in power so
they are the ones that we have to focus on. It is not
a difficult concept.

There must be an underlying shady reason that Speaker
Pelosi took impeachment off the table. Her office
stated the other day that she will not put the issue
back on the table because she is focused on “ending
the war.” The statement would be laughable if it
weren’t for the fact that she is using a neo-con
strategy of saying the exact opposite of what is true.
Ms. Pelosi would not allow Rep. Barbara Lee’s bill
that truly supported the troops by fixing a quick
timeline for their withdrawal to be brought to the
floor and instead used her power to whip her caucus
into approving a “non-binding” resolution that by its
very name is meaningless and useless. The Dems can
accomplish much if they put their muscle behind it and
the Dems could impeach BushCo and end the war if that
was truly their focus. Besides all this, actions speak
louder than words and one cannot say that she is
focused on ending the war with her mouth while she is
signing a one hundred BILLION dollar check to keep the
war going with her signing hand.

Since I announced, along with the expected slurs from
the “left,” my team of my sister and assistant, and I
have received thousands of messages of support. People
are lining up to donate to a potential campaign and
are pledging to close businesses and quit jobs to move
across the country to San Francisco to work on my
campaign. I have been asked to run for Congress from
districts all over the country, but I am a California
home-girl and have spent the last 15 years less than
an hour away from what we call “The City.” If Ms.
Pelosi does not exercise her mandatory (A president
and vice-president SHALL BE impeached) constitutional
duty to remove the uncontrollable Bush mob from power
and I do run against her it will be a pleasure to
sleep in the same bed every night and live near my
family and friends!

I will be running on the People for Humanity platform
that is coalescing right now with other possible
exciting candidates coming on board to challenge other
corrupt Repugs and do-nothing Dems. Politics are not
the be-all and end-all of our society and one thing we
all need to learn is that people power should run this
county not a bunch of corporately controlled wealthy
elitists that are disconnected from humanity and
reality. The system of constant war and constant war
profiteering needs to be challenged in a very
pronounced way if we want constant peace and a system
of sustainability. Great social change will not happen
without great sacrifice and maybe its time to suck it
up and work for a better country, and then a better
world by default.

Our Journey for Humanity and Accountability has gotten
off to a great start. We left Camp Casey in Crawford
on July 10th. Our “parade” (we got in lots of trouble
for not having a permit) that walked along the Lone
Star Parkway in Crawford for about a mile received
honks and waves and not one middle Our first stop was
Houston, the former home of Halliburton and the
headquarters of many immoral oil companies. Our second
stop was New Orleans where mostly people of color are
still homeless, or inadequately housed and still
desperately seeking help. The young people who still
put their own lives on hold to come from around
America to help them are still my heroes.

Change is hard and scary, I know this all too well. My
life changed irrevocably when Casey was killed in the
occupation of Iraq that has been supported and funded
by both parties. But oftentimes change can be good.

Don’t fear change especially when the status quo is so
freaking frightening.

For more information, or to donate money to our
Caravan, please go to

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