Friday, February 15, 2008

Who has experience? My first special comment.

I've given it a lot of thought, mulled it over and pondered it. I think that the Clinton people should stress the Clinton years as they were good ones for us regular folks. The change we want is from the Republicans and their insufferable ways. The economy, jobs, foreign policy and general ambiance was good. The country was in good shape. It would have been in even better shape if a health care plan, that Bill & Hillary tried to get passed, had happened back then. Maybe we wouldn't be in such horrendous medical straights now.

Clinton has had much more experience on a federal, national and probably international level than Obama, even if she had nothing to do with policy & was just in and around it in the White House. Talking change isn't the same thing as having been there.

I was able to raise my 2 kiddos during the decade of the 90's. I would have had an even harder, nearly impossible, time of it during the horrible past 8 years. The dissonance between the 2 decades is unmistakable, and the Clinton campaign should highlight that difference.

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