Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Voting in the March 4th Texas Primary
I voted early so that I can vote often

I voted today in the Texas primary against my feeling that Super Delegates will rule the day and not moi. Here's how it goes: Stand in a moderate line at one of the designated early voting locations. Man asks if the front of your voting card is signed. But you don't need that here, a driver's license or maybe dog license will do. You get to the table and a woman asks you which party. You say, in front of everyone, which party and hand her the card. She hands it to a man on her left behind a big, white box who does something with it and hands it back to you with his right hand. Another woman writes your name down after asking you again, which party? She writes it on a long sheet. One long sheet for each party. In this case, the Republican sheet had about 5 names and the Democratic one probably 50, a long list. This woman hands you a credit card type card and you move to the computerized voting machine that's lined up out in the open next to others. Insert card, touch English, touch who you're voting for, touch Cast Vote and return the credit card to the woman. Off you go with no back up record of how you voted.

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